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Article in Kamasha 01/2008

The soul heals the body – psychological causes of physical diseases

In my opinion diseases occur if we do not listen to our inner voice. The body then takes over the task to open up people to themselves and shows what we need or should not accept.

As our most faithful servant the body makes everything visible and manifests a disease in order to bring us in touch with our soul again. Though people usually do not realize what it is that their soul really wants to learn. They often avoid changes and try to keep everything the same.

The inner truth

Generally there are two basic principles with which life wants to open us for the necessary changes. On the one hand: What we do not want, will be taken from us. For example, if we do not want to go a particular path in life, we may actually lose the ability to walk caused by a disease like arthritis of the hip. On the other hand: What we do not want, we have to experience. If we do not bow to the cosmic order, bowing can be enforced by an illness such as Bechterew’s disease which makes the body crooked. In fact, it is about one thing only: to identify what the soul really wants and to put these findings into practice.

A chronically ill person does not live according to his or her inner truth and often does not even want to take note of it. A motivating factor in many diseases is the fear of losing the goodwill of friends and family (varicose veins, migraine, rheumatism) or one plays a certain role in front of others that does not conform to the inner reality (Alzheimer`s disease, gout, apoplectic stroke). Using the example of cancer I would like to illustrate this principle.

Cancer – Thought of conflict has taken shape

In my view cancer is aggression turning outwards thus turning against one’s own life, it may be aggression in a constructive (self-assertion) as well as in a destructive way (destruction) …